Collective Hope Series

Collective Hope is all about UNITY, RESPECT and STRENGTH. It’s about being BRAVE ENOUGH to work towards RADICAL CHANGE. This collection is a part of our mission to grow activists. People who believe in a better world, where one can be fierce and hopeful. Let’s rise up together.

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Nurses Rock! Series

We all know nurses rock, and these fun tees are the perfect way to show your support.

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MNU Classic Series

For those that want to rock the Manitoba Nurses Union logo, we've got MNU Classic items available.

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MNU Varsity Series

A modern twist on our regular MNU branding, our MNU Varsity series includes Cardigans, T-Shirts and Ball Caps.

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Courage Series

Channel your inner courage with our Courage Series, inspired by our always evolving campaign strategy.

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We have gift cards!

MNU Store Gift Cards can be used at any time for any items on our site! Available in a variety of denominations to suit your needs.

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You get what you pay for. And in this case, it's quality, ethically sourced goods.

  • Union Sourced

    As a labour union, we care about how employees are treated. We care about fair, wages, and good working conditions. As such, we will always advocate for our members, and choose to work with people who share our values.

  • Quality Materials

    Quality materials means you can count of our merch to stand up too. Life is messy. Wear your MNU gear as often as you wish, because even if you drop some pasta on your crewneck, it will wash and wear again well.

  • Canadian Made

    if you’re anything like us, you’re crazy proud to be a Canuck. Heck you might even have a maple leaf tattoo. Whenever possible, we try to support industry and manufacturing here in Canada. Because we want to help create jobs and boost our economy.

  • Promoting Activism

    Let’s be honest, every die hard fan has team merch. From hockey moms to the hometown team fans, wearing the same logo, same colour, same, slogan is unifying. Not only for each other, but to show the world where you stand. UNITED.